The Dude is In
Post-hurricane, pre-election

Again, seriously?  At least this time East Hampton fared a little better than the surrounding towns.  Jeff Butler’s replacement, William Quinlan, seems a bit more on the ball than his predecessor. East Hampton is down to 7% and East Haddam is at 33% which is much better than last time during Irene/Snowmageddeon 2011. Hope everyone came through safe and sound and it won’t be too long before we all have electricity back.  The shoreline took the worst of it.

As noted in the previous post, the Ziobron/Goff Debate came out pretty much as expected.  Ziobron comported herself with obvious energy and intelligence on a broad range of issues. Not widely reported was some last minute meddling on behalf of William Devine from everyone’s least favorite former East Hampton Town Council Chairperson:

But according to sources, Devine declined a proffered invitation from Patch, citing unavailability due to work. Which more or less makes for a giant “WTF?!”  Why even bother asking if you’re just going to turn it down? EHRTC, if you are looking for credibility, this is not the way to go about it.  Just saying.

In the aftermath, Ziobron has picked up a couple of key endorsements.  This from the Chatham Party:

Members of the Chatham Party voted to support Melissa Ziobron, a Republican from East Haddam, based on her qualifications, experience and openness to engage with the Chatham Party, which holds majority on the East Hampton Town Council. Additionally, members expressed that Ziobron has been consistent in her message throughout the campaign by setting realistic goals about the economy, community and the environment that she can address as a freshman State Representative. Further still, members believe that Ziobron is better suited than her opponent for the office and will be more responsive to her constituents throughout the district.

And this morning, in the Norwich Bulletin:

In terms of pure energy, Ziobron wins. Although we found a number of issues where we disagreed with her, the energy and dedication she has demonstrated was far more appealing and impressive. We have no doubt that her commitment to serving the best interests of all citizens is sincere and serious.

Goff is equally dedicated by his years of service to the community. However, in our conversation with him we found that his knowledge of issues beyond that of local concerns not as well developed. As such on important issues of education, tax reform, state spending, and others, his responses were vague and priorities contingent on further study and review.

A closer reading of Goff’s recent record would be far less flattering, of course, but little reason at this point to drag out what many local voters already know so well. 

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