The Dude is In
"Positive" Goff campaign finally decides to tepidly sling a little mud, forgets to check somewhat important thing!

SO!  Some brave soul over at Goff Campaign Headquarters decided it was time to try dip their toes in the water of Lake Nastytown:

This little nugget attempts to make an  inference against MZ that totally flies in the face of reality.

 Anyone who knows Melissa knows that when she grabs on to a cause or an issue, she digs in long and hard and is the last one ever to give up.  The only possible events this cheap shot could be meant to reference are MZ’s service on the East Haddam BoE and the MIddle School Conversion Committee.  So let’s unpack this and set the record straight:

  • The East Haddam Middle School conversion project is a political landmine that has been sitting undetonated for the last couple of years.  In point of fact, the MSCC completed their work and received the finished design for the project from Silver Petrucelli and submitted their recommendation to the Board of Selectmen, at which point their work was done.  Any action (or lack of action) after that point has nothing to do with the actions of the MSCC members.
  • MZ did resign from the East Haddam Board of Education, but did so for a very specific and important ethical reason.  I realize such nuance might be beyond the ken of some of our favorite old-timey East Hampton politicos, so I’ll explain: after consulting with BoE counsel, Melissa Ziobron resigned from the East Haddam Board of Education specifically to avoid conflict of interest in order that she could organize the Save Our School PAC. This in order to force the 4-8 Middle School building project to a successful second referendum so that the new Middle School could be built.

Oh, and while we’re throwing around inferences about things uncompleted, I guess when making this accusation against his opponent he forgot to check his own East Hampton property tax bills:

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