The Dude is In
TM responds intelligently; haters working hard to keep things nasty.

By now this letter from Babs and Curious George has made the full rounds. The sauce is weak, and the letter does, of course, take entirely too long to get to its point:

That is where the planned process ended.  After trying unsuccessfully to have a special Town Council meeting, the Town Manager released a letter to us saying that he had made the decision to rehire Chief Reimondo.  This meeting was cancelled due to improper notice.  As the news spread throughout our community, we realized that the process that the 7 members of the council had agreed upon was violated.

Our community needs to respond and continue to guide us back to making decisions that are right for you.  This is not right!!

And we know this is true because of the punctuation used in the concluding paragraph. Double exclamation point = extra-truthiness!

The haters, particularly EOTT (likely our friend Rita, a long-time superhater ne plus ultra of the Chatham Party) have been burning up the comments over on Patch, but unlike the bad old freewheeling days on the Middletown Press, the same 2 or 3 are bouncing around in their own echo chamber. 

Meanwhile, Maniscalco puts out this perfectly cogent response as Jeff Mill puts in all in context in this article over at the MP. Doubtful it will mollify those now inexplicably calling for Maniscalco’s resignation, (seriously folks, do you really want to trot down that road?) but better that he get out in front of it and invite his critics to address things with him directly.  Oh, I’m sure one or two might venture in to rail and wail, but it tends to mute the frothier of the Candide keyboard commandos.

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